At RBH, we focus on developing the capabilities of our employees and empowering them to help us achieve our smoke-free vision.

Think Big. Start Small. Move Fast

At RBH, we celebrate diversity of opinion to ensure the best ideas win.

Our mission is to Unsmoke Canada. Our purpose is to create better, innovative smoke-free alternatives for smokers and grow an enduring, world-class company of which we are deeply proud.

To do this, we pride ourselves in finding people that have the desire to understand consumers and keep them at the core so that we can successfully Unsmoke them.

We need our people to operate as one, share openly, and remain vested in the success of RBH and each other.

RBH is an inclusive team. We recognize that our world requires different ways of thinking. What we say is reinforced by what we do. We break down hierarchies, listen, and ask questions to learn from and challenge each other.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

We all seek different things in our lives and careers. You might value competitive pay, an attractive benefits package, or international opportunities. Maybe you value flexibility, family life, enhancing your well-being, or experiencing the world.

At RBH, we structure our rewards programs based on where you are, what you’ve achieved, and most of all, what matters to you.

After all, companies don’t change industries. People do. Help us Unsmoke Canada.


Let's Unsmoke Canada together!

Top Employer in Canada

Since 2016, RBH has been a Greater Toronto Area Top Employer. In 2018, RBH was recognized as a Canadian Top Employer.

What we look for?

People who are motivated to experiment, learn, and take risks. RBH wants people who have a vision and bring will bring it to life by challenging the status quo. Do you feel you have what it takes to work with us? If so, we’d really like to talk to you.

Our Recruitment Process

At RBH, we have an equitable recruitment process. Applications are screened based on job requirements. When we find an opportunity that fits you, we’ll be in touch.

What to expect in your interview.
What to expect in your job offer.
What to expect on your first day.