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At the core, it's about providing education.
Peter Luongo, Managing Director

Toward our Unsmoke Canada vision, we encourage Canadians to abstain from all forms of tobacco and nicotine entirely; to quit if they do smoke; and to change if they won’t quit.

RBH helps smokers transition to a smoke-free future by offering smoke-free alternatives to cigarettes, but this is not limited to launching new products.

We are engaging with Canadians on the role tobacco and nicotine can play in the future of a smoke-free Canada, sharing research findings with health care professionals to educate them on the science of smoke-free products and options for tobacco harm reduction.

We are also engaging with legislators and regulators to ensure policy and regulation keep pace with the latest science and technology related to harm-reduction approaches for tobacco and nicotine use.

As a tobacco company, we know that genuine sustainability starts with addressing the negative health impacts of our products. Our vision – to Unsmoke Canada by 2035 – is at the heart of our corporate strategy.