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Rothmans, Benson & Hedges Launches New Smoke-Free Product in Push to Lead a New Era of Responsible Vaping

New product accelerates company’s drive to make Canada smoke-free by 2035

TORONTO, ON, October 12, 2021– Rothmans, Benson & Hedges Inc. (RBH) seeks to usher in a new era of responsible vaping and today announced the introduction of its first vaping product for adult nicotine consumers. 

RBH’s new vaping product is the latest expansion of the company’s growing portfolio of smoke-free innovations. To date, Philip Morris International (PMI) – the parent company of RBH – has invested more than $10 billion ($8 billion USD) in science and technology to develop smoke-free products as part of its vision to create a world without cigarettes. The new product is now available in Ontario with four limited flavour options – two tobacco and two menthol/mint flavours. RBH will expand the availability of the product to more markets across Canada in the coming months.

RBH considers its new vaping product to be a responsibly designed, marketed, regulated and recyclable product in Canada: 

  • Innovation: The product has been designed with patented MESH technology to prevent overheating and burnt taste, to deliver a superior experience for adult consumers; the product is also equipped with technology to lock the device remotely via an app to prevent youth access.

  • Marketing: Responsible sales and marketing are a key priority for RBH. Minors should not use or have access to any of the company’s products. The new product is exclusively marketed to existing adult smokers and nicotine users. 

  • Science: RBH, and its parent company PMI, are committed to the robust and transparent scientific assessment of their smoke-free products. In the coming months, RBH will release a literature review looking at electronic cigarette products and the role they can play in harm reduction. Smokers who completely replace cigarettes with a vaping product reduce their exposure to harmful chemicals, according to Health Canada.

  • Regulation: The RBH product will launch with 18 mg/mL nicotine concentrations and RBH has voluntarily limited flavours to only tobacco and menthol/mint to align with upcoming federal regulations.

  • Sustainability: By the end of 2021, RBH will voluntarily create a partnered recycling program to make its portfolio of smoke-free products recyclable across Canada, while also expanding its industry-leading cigarette butt disposal program.

RBH’s new vaping product is one of a number of alternatives that can help bring an end to cigarettes in Canada. Several organizations support vaping as a better alternative and recognize its role in helping adult smokers switch from cigarettes if they do not quit nicotine entirely. Health Canada acknowledges that smokers who switch completely from cigarettes to vaping products significantly reduce their exposure to dozens of powerful toxins and carcinogens found in cigarette smoke. 

To learn more about RBH and the company’s vision for a smoke-free future visit: 

QUOTE: Peter Luongo, Managing Director, RBH:

  • We believe RBH is a leader and can demonstrate how vaping products can be developed, marketed and regulated responsibly.

  • Vaping can be done right in Canada – with companies such as ours that are prepared to lead, and with government cooperation, to keep these products away from youth while still providing affordable and accessible alternatives to existing adult smokers.

  • We are on a transformational journey to make Canada smoke-free. Introducing smoke-free products – such as what was announced today – is part of how we’re going to get there. We now have the means, resources and commitment to drive meaningful change. 

  • We believe in a future without cigarettes. But we cannot do it alone. Societal change of this magnitude also needs governments, consumers and Canadians at large to be part of the change.

  • Consumers should know the facts when it comes to vaping and other smoke-free alternatives to cigarettes. These products are not risk-free and contain nicotine, which is addictive, but the growing scientific consensus is that they are a better option than cigarettes for smokers who won’t quit nicotine entirely.

  • Governments have a unique opportunity to help current adult smokers learn about smoke-free alternatives while vigorously protecting youth from nicotine addiction. With the opportunity to work together, Canada can lead the way and become the first smoke-free country in the world.

  • As regulations and consumer behavior changes, we too will change our business. Our goal – our paramount goal – is to continue to provide existing adult smokers with alternatives to cigarettes.

N.B. Under the federal Tobacco and Vaping Products Act, naming a vaping product could be considered promotion. Therefore, RBH has voluntarily withheld the name of its new vaping product in this release.