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Rothmans, Benson & Hedges Releases 2021 Sustainability Report

  • Report highlights progress made against key commitments as RBH continues its transformation

TORONTO, ON, August 24, 2022 – As part of its commitment towards driving positive change, Rothmans, Benson & Hedges Inc. (RBH) has published its second annual Sustainability Report, Towards a Sustainable Future.

The report shares the company's vision and strategies for eliminating cigarettes in Canada and highlights the progress made against the organization’s four sustainability pillars: creating a smoke-free future, operating with excellence, caring for people, and protecting the environment.

In 2021, RBH made considerable progress against commitments across the four pillars. Key highlights of RBH’s positive impact include:

  • Creating a smoke-free future: 

    • For the first time, RBH supported Canadian based research initiatives into smoking alternatives and a literature review, which is currently undergoing peer review and will be published later this year.

    • Continued to advance the need for a supportive regulatory framework to ensure consumers have awareness about, can access, and can afford smoke-free alternatives to help enable a rapid transition away from cigarettes.

  • Operating with excellence: 

    • In 2021, RBH continued to work with partners and government in the fight against contraband tobacco with the goal of decreasing damages to legitimate businesses, preventing further developments of organized crime, and assisting the government in mitigating reduced tax revenue.

    • RBH continued to advocate that youth should not use any nicotine-containing product. Under the company’s Youth Access Prevention program, RBH proactively worked alongside industry partners and retailers in an effort to prevent the sale of nicotine containing products to minors.

  • Caring for people: 

    • The company was recognized as a top employer in Canada and the GTA, earned equal salary certification, and introduced a mentorship matching platform which garnered a 100 per cent net satisfaction score amongst participants.

    • Received more than 230 applications for RBH’s giving back program, which provides individual donations of up to $25,000 for not-for-profits. 

    • RBH continued to adapt to best support its employees over the COVID-19 pandemic including offering extensive mental health and resilience support programs to promote a healthier work-life balance.

    • Continued to champion inclusion and diversity in the workplace. RBH adopted the spirit of the three recommendations for corporate Canada from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and has and continues to offer unconscious bias training as part of its learning and development platform.

  • Protecting the environment: 

    • RBH’s Unsmoke Cleanups collected nearly 2,267,962 kilograms of litter roughly three years ahead of the original goal.

    • Launched a national, smoke-free recycling program which allows consumers using smoke-free products to responsibly dispose of them and, under this new recycling program, RBH is taking and recycling vape pods from any organization – a first for the industry.

    • RBH’s Quebec City manufacturing plant reduced water consumption by 40 per cent and waste reduction by 30 per cent – both are above the original targets.

Sustainability is a core part of RBH’s transformation and ambition to create a smoke-free future. Looking ahead, the organization will continue to take steps and look for opportunities to have a positive impact on communities, the economy, and the environment.

To read RBH’s 2021 Sustainability Report, Towards a Sustainable Future, please visit:  

Quote: Jeff Gaulin, Director of External Affairs, RBH

  • We are committed to change. The biggest impact that we can have as an organization is eliminating cigarettes in Canada, and we are working to transform RBH to create a smoke-free country. 

  • Sustainability lives at the heart of our transformation. Our 2021 report reflects our commitment to progress and evolve as an organization to have a positive impact on society. It also reflects our commitment to transparency – we believe that it is important for Canadians to know how we conduct ourselves, how we treat our team members, support communities, and the clear actions taken to reduce our environmental footprint.

  • We’re incredibly proud of the progress that we’ve made year-over-year towards the ambitions goals that we set for ourselves. There is more work to be done, but we have taken considerable steps in a little over a year. 

  • We see the positive impact that we can achieve. But, to achieve the future that we are working towards, we need governments, consumers, and Canadians at large to be part of the change. 

  • We invite all Canadians to the table to have productive conversations about creating a smoke-free future. The future we are working towards is right in front of us, but we have to get there together.