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A brighter future is within reach

There is a future where ashtrays and “no smoking” signs are relics of the past, where cigarette butts don’t litter our shorelines, and where adults who decide to use tobacco or nicotine can do it smoke-free.

We can and should make that future happen. That’s why we’ve made it our primary goal as both a manufacturer and as Canadians.

Our Tech

New technology is the key

Advancements in science and technology can put an end to cigarettes.

Since 2008, Philip Morris International (PMI), of which RBH is a subsidiary, has invested $9 billion (USD) to research and develop a new range of smoke-free alternatives. Scientists, engineers, and technicians from around the globe have put their expertise together to provide Canadians with better alternatives to cigarettes.

At RBH, our goal is to expand our portfolio of smoke-free alternatives, and ensure that Canadians have the information they need to make the better choice.

The Way Forward

We can see a future for Canada that is smoke-free.That means convincing Canadians who do not use tobacco or nicotine to keep avoiding it,and convincing smokers to make the best choice to quit tobacco and nicotine use entirely.But what about the adults who choose to continue using tobacco and nicotine products?We have invested in the science and technology that are making alternatives to cigarettes.By providing the best information available, we know Canadians will make the choice for a smoke-free future.

A Smoke-Free Canada

Join the conversation

At RBH, we’re experts when it comes to all things tobacco and nicotine. Which is why we know that changing can be challenging, but it’s also why we’re certain that together, change is possible. 

A smoke-free future will be possible if enough Canadians get involved in the conversation about alternatives to cigarettes. If you or someone you love smokes cigarettes, and you want to do something about it, reach out to us.

Big change like this is going to take work from all of us. Consumers, legislators and industry professionals have to be on the same page in order to build a better, smoke-free future for all Canadians.