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Our Vision

We want to stop selling cigarettes by 2035.

Canadians have been consuming tobacco the same way for a long time – mostly by burning cigarettes. It’s time for a change. It’s time to stop smoking.

Whether you are a smoker or someone who loves one, you should know there are better choices to smoking.

The best choice is to never start smoking. And if you do smoke, your best choice is to quit entirely.

But if you or someone you love won’t quit; you should change. Through innovative technology, RBH wants to help make Canada smoke-free, and stop selling cigarettes by 2035.

These alternatives are not meant for non-smokers, they are not risk-free, and they contain nicotine, which is addictive.

Change is possible. But we can’t do it alone. We need governments, consumers, and society all to play a role.

Our Company

Leading Canada’s transition away from cigarettes.

At RBH, we think big, start small, and move fast by celebrating diversity of opinions to ensure the best ideas win.

Our staff of almost 800 at eight different locations across the country fuel the innovation that has made RBH one of Canada’s leading tobacco companies.

With the support of our parent company, Philip Morris International, we’re paving the way for a smoke-free future for all Canadians.

Our History

Over 60 years of innovation

  1. Rothmans of Pall Mall Limited is established

  2. RBH is formed

  3. RBH becomes an affiliate of Philip Morris International (PMI)

  4. PMI R&D Cube Opens

    Located in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, more than 400 employees work exclusively on smoke-free alternative technologies.

  5. launches

    To share findings related to PMI’s smoke-free products publicly with the scientific community

  6. PMI announces smoke-free future

    The launch of an ambitious global initiative to “convince all current adult smokers that intend to continue smoking to switch to smoke-free products as soon as possible.

  7. RBH launches its first smoke-free alternative to cigarettes in Canada

    Canadian smokers who choose not to quit now have access to alternatives.

  8. RBH is selected as a Greater Toronto Area Top Employer

  9. RBH is selected as a Canadian Top Employer

    The result of a comprehensive global survey of management and employee conditions, and awarded to organizations that lead the way in outstanding “people-first” HR practices.

  10. RBH launches campaign to make a smoke-free Canada by 2035

    Launching smoke-free awareness campaigns to help adult smokers choose a better alternative.

  11. RBH receives their Smoke-Free Culture Certification

    This certification recognizes RBH’s commitment to establish a company culture towards a smoke-free future and encourages employees to remove cigarette smoke from their lives.

  12. RBH receives their EQUAL-SALARY Certification

    This certification verifies that RBH pays female and male employees equally for equal work in all departments, demonstrating the organization’s commitment to gender balance.

  13. PMI Global receives their EQUAL-SALARY Recertification

    This recertification verifies that PMI Global pays female and male employees equally for equal work in all departments, demonstrating the organization’s commitment to gender balance.

  14. RBH stops selling cigarettes

    In partnership with governments, consumers, and society at large, our goal by 2035 is to take this step and help make Canada smoke-free.

Our People

Our team is what makes us one of the leading companies in Canada.

Mindaugas Trumpaitis

Mindaugas Trumpaitis

Managing Director

Thierry Aquarone

Director Manufacturing

Patrick Codere

Manager Information Technology
Kory McDonald

Kory McDonald

Head of External Affairs
Facundo Lobo Gonzalez

Facundo Lobo Gonzalez

Director Finance

Ksenia Kamenskaya

Director People & Culture

Gwenno Lloyd

Senior Counsel
Fernando Klug placeholder image

Fernando Klug

Director Strategy & Program Delivery

Milena Trentadue

Director Commercial Deployment
Bryan Ladyk

Bryan Ladyk

Head of Consumer Experience
Aaizah Syed

Aaizah Syed

Head of Marketing & Digital
Valentin Baxan

Valentin Baxan

Head of Operations Customer Service CA
Paul Pielas

Paul Pielas

Head of Combustibles Category


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